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Recently added songs

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Prekam Prekam - Mudzi Wako ft Sarah (Prod By Madela & Emmenow)
Mudzi Wako (Hip Hop)
Prekam Prekam - Assurance ft Heyrah (Prod By Wongie Kay & Madela)
Assurance (Afrobeat)
Mwalabu Beibeh Mwalabu Beibeh - Ndigwira (Prod. Dre Beats & Rais Music)
Ndigwira (Afrobeat)
Khetche Khetche - Uwona Wekha (Prod. RainNation)
Uona Wekha (Afrobeat)
Rickelz Rickelz - Bhampa
Bhampa (Dancehall)
Biggie Lu Biggie Lu - Ng'oma (Prod. famous)
Ng'oma (Local)
Jay One Jay One - In My Zone (Prod. Black Star)
In My Zone (Hip Hop)
Cee Jones Cee Jones - Power (Prod. Manifest)
Power (Hip Hop)
Dali Dali - Overdose (Prod. Trappybeats)
Overdose (Afrobeat)
Vitu Marley Vitu Marley - Ndikapume ft Lexie (Prod By Mwanie)
Ndikapume (Hip Hop)

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